Chronic Venous
Chronic Venous is a very common disorder in women and elder women. CVI only occurs in the legs. Your veins in our legs can’t pump the blood that your heart sends that fore It make a varicose vein (is a vein that is twisted). Also it happens when walk for a long period of time and your leg muscles squeeze your veins.

chronic venous is inherited at birth.

With chronic venous the symptoms are obverse. There are:
· Swelling ankles
· Varicose veins
· Leg pain
· May cause blood clots in leg veins
· Pressure in legs
· Aching or tiredness in the legs
· Flaking or itching skin on the legs or feet
· Obesity
Daily Life:

To fine out if you have chronic venous. You can have a duplex ultrasound done a Venogram a type of x-ray. The signs are varicose veins and pain.

The treatment for Chronic Venous can’t real be treated but you can take medication pain, laser is for the varicose veins. Wearing tight stockings help the veins pump blood back to your heart. Having a good hygiene, Vein bypass, and Ligation and stripping.

Research: doctors are looking at chonic venous as a disaese

Additional Facts:
Chronic venous can change your lifestyle if you’re a daily runner or one who’s stranding all day. CVD is also in heredity in my family. My great-grandmother had it, my grandmother had it , my mom has it and I have it. But when you get older varicose veins take over your leg and swollen ankles.

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