Color Blindness

The part that is affected is the eye. Affected people with color blindness have a hard time distiquinguishing between shades of green and red. People that have color blindness can not determine the color so it looks black and gray.

Color blindness is X-linked. The disorder is located on the X-chromosomes. Also it is a recessive disorder. Fathers can not pass x-linked diseases to their sons. One changed copy of gene in each cell causes this condition. Males are affected by X-linked recessive disorders much more often than females, also the female is the carrier.

· You see colors differently than others.
· Only be able to see a few shades of colors.
· Very rare you may see only, black, white, and grey.

Daily Life:

people take color blindness tests. They see how well you recognize different colors. In a test you look at sets of color dots and try to find a pattern in the dots, like a number or a letter. Another test you look at a set of colored chips and you have to put them in order in how similar the color is.

Inherited color blindness can not be treated. People with color blindness can use colored contacts which helps them see certain colors. They can also use sunglasses so they can block the sun. You can also train yourself to know the order of the traffic light.

Researchers are studying red/green color blindness in England.

Additional Facts:
.5 percent of women are born with color blindness 10 percent of men of men are born with color blindness.

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