Dercums Disease

The disease known as Dercums disease is a rare disease that causes pains on fatty part of the human body. Dercums disease affects more women than men all over the U.S.A. Also, Dercums disease conducts horrible growths on the upper arms and on the upper leg area. These horrible growths can cause pains which can be unbearable and can make you tired. Dercums Disease is a rare disease that causes unbearable pains mostly in the upper legs and arms area.

Dercums disease is a disease that causes unspeakable pains on the fatty parts of the body. Through out time Dercums disease has infected more women in the United States than men. From the research those scientists have studied from the disease. Dercums is mostly inherited as an autosomal dominant trait. Also, Dercums disease is mainly strong in the life of the grandmother, the mother and the daughter. As said, Dercums disease is a auto immune disease that mostly infects women.

· Increase in weight
· Weight will not decrease if the infected person is on a diet or exercise
· Pain will increase as you gain weight
· You will become sensitive to heat
· After resting you will begin to feel stiff especially in the morning
· Skin will feel tender
· Tenderness under your feet
· The fatty tissue on your upper arms and legs will feel extremely sensitive

Daily Life:
The daily life of a person with the disease can be a hard and painful journey. People with this disease will have to go on treatment and take medication. You’ll have to stay warm at all times and will need to take warm baths. Also you’ll have to do treatment like lidocine and will also have to exercise daily. Another thing that you can do is surgical remove of all the fatty tissue. Removal of the fatty tissue can relieve pain in the areas that the fatty tissue was located.

Dercums disease, which scientists have done little study with it, is a serous disease that causes unspeakable pain to the infected. Doctors are able to diagnose Dercums by blood samples. Not only blood samples but little to no test are taken, and sometimes what the patient tells the doctor, the doctor can assume you have the disease.

Dercums disease may cause high amounts of pain but it can be treated. If you have Dercums disease one of the ways you can treat it is to remove any fatty tissue because the fat is from Dercums disease and it cause pain. You can also take medicines that improve sleep and decrease pain. Another way you can treat this disease is by staying warm and avoiding any kind of stress. Acupuncture is another great treatment because it can decrease stress and relieve stress.

Although Dercums disease is widely known medical researchers have done little research on the disease. Scientist, are also studying how to cure the disease but so far no luck. Also people infected with the disease are currently not aware of any update or any new treatment for the disease.

Additional Facts:
Over 95% of women are affected by Dercums disease and only 5% of men are affected.

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