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Down syndrome is a very Harmful Disease, it isn’t a regular disease it’s a mutation. It happens when Someone has 47 Chromosomes Instead Of the regular 46.You have a One in 900 chance of acquiring Down’s syndrome. It was first discovered in It was named after John Langdon Down, A British physician who found the syndrome in 1866.

As I said before Down’s Syndrome is An mutation. It can be inherited even If the Parent’s Do not have the disease.

Most children with Down syndrome have some of the following physical traits:

Short stature. A child often grows slowly and, as an adult, is shorter than average.
Weak muscles throughout the body. A child may seem to have less strength than other children of the same age. Weak Chest muscles also make their stomach stick out.
A short, wide neck with extra fat and skin. Usually, this trait is less Noticeable as the child gets older.
Facial features
Down syndrome often results in distinct facial features, such as:

Small, low-set ears.
Irregularly shaped mouth and tongue. The Kid’s tongue might stick out a little bit. The roof of the mouth may be narrow and high with a downward curve.

Intellectual disability. Most children with Down syndrome have mild to moderate mental disability.
Heart defects. About half of the children who have Down syndrome are born with a heart defect.1 most defects are diagnosed at birth or shortly after birth.
Daily Life:

Down’s Syndrome is checked by Running Test’s On Pregnant women, it used to be pregnant women over 40 but now they test for Down’s Syndrome on Pregnant Women Of All Ages.
They take cells from a women’s plateaus and check to see if they have the right Number Of Chromosomes.

Since there is No cure for someone With Down’s Syndrome Instead, To Keep the symptoms down they Put the People with downs Syndrome On medication and they Must Visit the doctor’s regularly. They usually take anti-medication for example, if someone with down’s syndrome have seizures then they take anti-seizure Medicaton.

There Is good research being done on downs syndrome Now a person whith downs syndrome can live 15 years longer then they could 40 years ago, personally I think that’s a great Medical advance

Additional Facts:
Down’s syndrome is a bad disease. It has been around for over 200 years. Downs syndrome is non Cureable

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