Fragile-X syndrome

People with this disorder usually have longer heads, big ears, flat footed, behavior issues, and the person’s speech development skills are crippled.

This disorder is inherited by one X-linked gene. That’s why guys get fragile-X syndrome more than girls, guys only have one copy of X chromosomes and girls have two.

· Mental disabilities
· Attention deficit and hyperactivity
· Anxiety unstable mood
· Long heads and large foreheads
· Big ears

Doctors diagnose this disorder by testing blood samples. Also in the blood testing they see how many repeats in the FMR1 gene. Doctors check for rapidly moving eyes.

Treatment for fragile-X is very slim. There is medication to maximum a child’s potential, special education will also help with educational skills. The bad thing is there is no cure for fragile-X syndrome.

Scientists are still seeking a cure.

Additional Facts:
Fragile-X is the main cause of autism. Symptoms start to show at and early age.
Fragile-X can affect all ethnic groups and males are the ones who get affected not female.

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