Hemophilia is a rare bleeding disorder where your blood won’t clot like it is supposed to when u get cut and bleed. There are two main types oh hemophilia, hemophilia type A and type B. Type B is a little more serious than type A hemophilia. Type A hemophilia is when you have low levels of clotting factor XIII. Type B hemophilia is when you are missing or have low levels of clotting factor IX. This genetic disease is rarely acquired. It can be develop over time during your life or at birth.
Hemophilia is inherited and received at birth and is X-linked. This means that only the X chromosomes are dominant and only X chromosomes carry the disease. Only females carry this disease so only males can get it but can’t pass it down to their offspring. Even if the mother doesn’t have Hemophilia, she can still pass it on to her offspring. The only way for a female to get it is if her father and her mother and father had it.

If you have Hemophilia, then you will bleed excessively.
You will bruise more easily then others will.
Baby males may bleed more then others after circumcision
You may bleed internally but most definitely externally

Daily Life:

To diagnose, or determine if you have it, hemophilia, then the doctor would have to look at your family’s medical records to trace back what diseases runs in your family. They can also draw blood to tell if someone has it. If someone thinks they have it, then they can take a blood test to see if they are positive. If someone notices that their son bleeds more then they are supposed to, then they can tell if they have it. If it runs in your family then you can take a physical exam. You can tell if your son has it if they bleed excessively.


The main treatment for Hemophilia is called replacement therapy. During replacement therapy, clotting factors are slowly dripped in or injected into a vein. You can also get recombinant factors. If you have Hemophilia A then you get Decompression. There are certain antibodies that you can get from the doctor to help maintain the Hemophilia as low as possible. You can receive blood from others if you loose to much which can help lower the hemophilia rate.
They are giving people replacement therapy and experimenting to see how to improve it. They are also researching factors VIII and IX so they may improve them also to try to “cure” Hemophilia. The researchers are studying the increase in bleeding in hemophilia patients that also have AIDS. They are also studying Thrombocytopenia, a low number in platelets in the brain to better the survival of Hemophilia patients.
Additional Facts:
.Hemophilia is basically when your body has low amounts of vitamin K because you need in order for your blood to clot normally, also called Vitamin K Deficiency. It’s a rare disease only acquired by males as females are the carriers. Pregnant women can undergo a fetus test to see if their child will be positive.

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