Moebius Syndrome

Moebius Syndrome is a very rare disease. Moebius Syndrome is a mutation. It’s permanent and cannot be cured. Having this Syndrome means it affects both your sixth and seventh cranial nerves. These nerves affect the face, eye muscles, and facial paralysis. This is affected from the underdeveloped facial nerves.
Inheritance:Moebius Syndrome is not technically an inheritance. The syndrome is a mutation. This disease mainly occurs with no people in their family history before. Only a small percentage has come back for it having been run in the family. Its found when there is a undeveloped nerves.
  • Delayed Crawling
  • Speech Problems
  • Sensitivity to bright light and loud sounds.
  • Teeth issues
  • Limited movement in tongue
  • Hearing problems from fluid in the ears.
Daily Life:

Knowing if you have Moebius Syndrome has many affects. In some infants, they may have an impaired ability to suck. Some may not be able to move their eyes around so instead they must turn their heads to the things they wish to see. Some affects could cause crossed eyes. Sadly, with this disease they have no ability to smile or show any type on facial expressions. They may also drool from the in capability of the muscles in their mouth. Their tongues can be short or a little deformed. Some may even have sleep disorders. It’s also possible for them to have swallowing disorders or be unable to blink their eyes.
Since Moebius Syndrome cannot be cured, people have had surgery done on their child, or special objects for the daily life. Speech Therapy is also done to help better speaking and eating abilities. Nerve and muscle transfers to the corners of the mouth have been preformed to provide some ability to help them smile. Plastic reconstructive surgery may also be beneficial.
Moebius syndrome cannot be prevented. Although, there are ways to help the outcomes like surgical procedures. Such as, plastic surgery, or free muscle transplants. Reconstructive surgery is recommended preferably ages 5 or 6. Also, due to crossed eyes at birth, Strabismus is a surgery to help fix crossed eyes.
Additional Facts:
With Moebius Syndrome, problems could include; breathing, eating, staying healthy, as children grow their speech issues can get worse, about 10 to 15% of people with Moebius Syndrome have minor retardation. There is a surgery called “Smile surgery” which helps with the muscles in the faces of Moebius Syndrome. Its takes 12 hours for each side of the face, but it’s not a cure. About 2 to 20 cases come across with Moebius Syndrome per one million births.
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