Porgeria is a genetic disease that little children have when they are born. As an infant, or just born, you can not tell anything is wrong, and you can not tell that they have this disorder. They look normal and healthy. Dealing with this disease at such a young age is hard. They have features wrong with them like a seventy year old, old lady, or old man would have. Veins pop out of their head. They have joint abnormalities like hip dislocations, stiff muscles, and cardiovascular disease. Their skin looks aged and wrinkly even though they’re only two or three years old. Kids with progeria have small chins, beaked lips, they have hair loss, prominent eyes, they don’t gain weight at the expected rate, and they have fat loss under their skin. They only live for about thirteen years and die usually of a heart attack or stoke.

Progeria comes from a gene called LMNA this is pronounced Lamin-a this makes the nucleus unstable and the circular instability appears to a head in the process, aging into progeria.

Some symptoms of this disease or disorder is rapid aging between one and two years of age. Their growth rate slows down over periods of time. They are much shorter then any other healthy baby, or child. They have massive weight loss, a pinched nose, and death occurs at usually at age thirteen.

Daily Life:

Progeria is diagnosed when you see signs of weight loss, the children are not functioning normally and they have joint abnormalities they start to have wrinkly aged skin, stiff muscles, not wanting to eat (loss of apatite) etc.


There is no cure for progeria but there is treatments to slow the process down and make it less painful for your child, your options of treatment are.. your child could take a low dose of asprin, they’re other medications that also help, physical therapy, occupational therapy, extraction of primary teeth because people with progeria often have teeth problems and it is hard for them. Investigational treatment, hydrotherapy, there are vitamins that you can take to help their body not shut down as easily and as fast like Nutrini, Pro-Cal, florid, and vitamin e.

Doctors and scientists are trying to find a cure but, they have not found anything yet to cure this disease or disorder.

Additional Facts:
New born babies and toddlers with progeria look normal, during the process of two and three their skin ages rapidly, they suffer from what the elderly have problems with like hip dislocation, stiff limbs, and cardiovascular disease. A child with progeria often has a small face, and chin do to their head size, progeria affects one in eight million, all races and cultures have been affected. There have been one hundred cases of progeria reported. In 1886 progeria was introduced.

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