Progeria is a disease that makes young children rapidly age. This genetic disease is fatal. Children who have progeria tend to die at the age of thirteen. In one case a child with progeria in Indian lived until 30.

Progeria is a mutation of one of the 22 pairs of nonsexual chromosomes. This mutation can happen in any family and in male or female. This is one genetic disease that can not have carriers of the disease.

The earliest symptoms includeand a scaly skin condition. As a child grows older additional conditions become apparent. Barley any growthand a distinctive appearance which are small nose jaw lips limbs. People diagnosed with this disorder usually have small, fragile bodies, like those of elderly people. Later, the condition causes wrinkled skin, kidney failure, loss of eye sight, and hair loss.

Daily Life:

Diagnosis is suspected according to signs and symptoms, such as skin changes, abnormal growth, and loss of hair. It can be confirmed through a genetic test

Pedigree Chart:
No treatments have been proven to be affective but most treatments help to reduce the complications. To reduce the complications for the children they usually have heart bypass surgery or a high calorie diet.
One aspect of research showed that progeria in created during the cell division in the zygote or the gametes of one of the parents

Additional Facts:
There are only a little under 100 cases recorded in the world ever this is amongst one of thee rarest diseases ever.