Sickle Cell Anemia

Sickle Cell Anemia is a disorder having to do with red blood cells. The blood cells take on a sickle concave shape making them easily stuck in the blood vessels. The Hemoglobin: A protein that provides oxygen to the body’s, molecules don’t form like their supposed to. The Hemoglobin is in two parts which are the Alpha and Beta. This disease can make people experience pain or organ damage. A person without the disease has regular hemoglobin which is referred as (A).An irregular hemoglobin is referred to as (S).
Inheritance: Sickle cell is called an Autosomal Recessive trait. Autosomal Recessive is when a child inherits both bad genes from their parents which cause a disease. People with one regular gene and one irregular gene for Sickle Cell carry the disease. Carriers also can pass the defective gene to their child.
The symptoms are:
v Immune problems
v Constant infection
v Slow Growth
v Strokes
v Jaundice(when skin and eyes are yellow)
v Abdomen pain
v Being breathless
v Tiredness
v Ulcers
v Bad eyesight and blindness
v Constant Urination
v Arthritis

Daily Life:
Diagnosis: Sickle Cell Anemia can be diagnosed in a few ways. They can screen newborns to see to determine if they have the disease. They also can do a test called the hemoglobin Electrophoresis (with a blood sample).
Treatment for Sickle cell Anemia is patients can use Folic Acid. Children, who are younger with the disease, take penicillin. Sometimes they can get blood transfusions or Bone marrow transplants for major cases. Usually the Bone marrow transplant puts patients at risk. The last thing they can do is take a medicine called Hydroxyurea.
There really has not been a prevention or research lately of Sickle cell Anemia. The only thing they came up with was a Bone Marrow transplant.
Additional Facts:
There are other additional facts. People with the disease’s blood cells live from 10-20 days. Normal blood cells live up to 120 days. Sickle cell Anemia is common with people from Africa, India, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Mediterranean. Sickle Cell’s real name is Hemoglobin SS. Over the years people have been living longer with this disease than in the past.
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