Color blindness

Color blindness is the decreased ability to see different colors. There are many different kinds of colorblindness that make you unable to see certain colors or just make colors seem different or less bright. But total color blindness where you can’t see any colors at all is very rare
Inheritance: color blindness is an X-link recessive disease. This means that the disease is carried only on the X chromosome. Because men have an X and a Y they are more likely to be colorblind. Women are less likely to get it and only be a carrier because they have two X chromosomes so if they get the bad chromosome they most of the time will get a good X chromosome to counter it. Men don’t have another X to carry the good gene, only a Y, so if they get the chromosome with the disease nothing counters it. Women can only be colorblind if they get two bad X chromosomes from their mother and father.
The most common symptom for colorblindness is if you say something is one color and someone tells you it’s another color. You wouldn’t know because those are the colors you’ve been used to your whole life. If it happens many times you are most likely colorblind. Or they could be the ones who are colorblind.
Daily Life:

Diagnosis:to diagnose color blindness doctors use the ishiharo color test. This test uses a series of pictures made out of a lot of small colored dots. In each picture is a number or symbol made out of different colored dots. People with normal color vision will be able to see the number. People who are colorblind will not be able to.
Scientists have been able to cure color blindness in monkeys using gene therapy. But it has not yet been proven safe for people and is not able to be used. So there is no real cure or treatment for color blindness.
People have been looking into gene therapy to treat and possibly cure color blindness. It has been tested on monkeys and is proven successful and cured the colorblindness in them. But it has not been proven safe for human use yet so is not available. More research is being done though to see if it could be able to cure it

Additional Facts:
An interesting fact could be that color blindness could be good in some situations. For example the U.S. military has proven that colorblind people could easily see through camouflage that people with normal vision cant. Even though the chance of being color blind is very low many people think this is why more and more people are color blind now then before. It is evolution due to our constant warfare.
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