Color blindness is an x-linked disease. If you have this disease your eye cant see color as well or at all. Some color defects are red- green and blue- yellow. The red- green is the most common. More males than females get this disease.

Color blindness is inherited by the female because one of her genes is x- linked recessive. That means the gene causing the trait is in the X chromosome. The females have two X chromosomes and the males have only one X and one Y. The X can be either recessive or dominant. The males and females genes have different expressions. X-linked recessive genes are expressed in females only, if there are two copies of the gene. However the male only needs to be one copy of an X-linked recessive gene in order for the trait or disorder to be expressed.

The person is missing one pigment in the cell of the eye. This is found in the Retina. Then you have trouble seeing colors.

Daily Life:

You looked at colored dots and you try to find the pattern. It is usually letters or numbers. It helps the doctor determine what colors you have trouble with. Another test you arrange color test according to the similar colors. People who are color blind cannot arrange it right.

There is nothing to treat color blindness. There is a special test called Ishihara. In this test the patient can read the letters consisting of colorful spots. There are also special lenses used today.

Doctors or eye specialist can test if you are color blind.

Additional Facts:
Color blindness is a life long condition. It can affect what you want to be like a pilot. People that are color blind have an advantage. They can see through some types of camouflage better. About one out of ten men have some form of color blindness and very few women are color blind.

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