Von Hippel Lidau Disease

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Von hippel lidau disease is a rare genetic disease. Tumors would grow around nest of blood vessels which are near nerves. Tumors can form were ever these nests are. They would form inside the body or on the skin.
Von hippel lidau disease is inherited by one of the birth parents having the disease. The disease is autosomal dominant which means that one parent with the disease can pass down the bad gene. Both male and female can inherit this disease.
· Headaches
· Problems balancing and walking
· Dizziness
· Weakness of limbs
· Vision problems
· High blood pressure

Daily Life:

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The average age of being diagnosed with von hippel lindau disease is at the age of 26. You can look through the family history for the disease. The doctor can look if there are certain kinds of tumors in the body.

There is a surgery on to remove the tumors by lasers or just by cutting in. Usually they would grow back so there is not much to do.

There are doctors trying to figure out ways to get rid of or reduce the number of tumors in the body by this disease.

Additional Facts:
They can not apply pressure on to areas that have the tumors that are sensitive like the spine.

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